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Arrowster matches high school students to their best-fit colleges based on search criteria, location, and budget.
We solve under-enrolment problems for universities and discoverability problems for students.

Leap Ed

LeapEd Vietnam enables high school & college students to find their life purpose and a fulfilling career.

Kura Kura

Kura Kura supports emotional growth through digital interactions, offering games and customization to create personal habitats.


UniLah, is an only student app that enhances university life with special deals, events, and career prospects, making the experience richer.

The Global Citizen

The Global Citizen is the first Singapore-based social enterprise that aims to bridge the gap in co-curricular education, fostering holistic development.

Zenith Learning Group

Zenith Learning Group delivers quality pre-university education across Southeast Asia, making excellence accessible and affordable.


Outsider reshapes career preparation with open-access work simulations, boosting confidence and exposing students to realistic tasks.


Edvin is a comprehensive platform connecting tutors, students, and parents, transcending geographical barriers for holistic education.


Zenklass empowers educators with adaptable learning tools, unlocking students' true potential and promoting personalized learning.


Mentori connects young individuals with mentors for career guidance and personal development, fostering growth and insight.


Speaklab hones English communication through AI-powered practice, resembling real conversations and providing instant error analysis.


Rebo is the one-stop platform for students and teachers to enjoy learning in 3D and Augmented Reality (AR)

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