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"The Singapore-Vietnam Future School Festival is a dynamic series of educational events, featuring online masterclasses and in-person events. We bring together education technology startups from Singapore and Vietnam, celebrating the 50th anniversary of bilateral relations and the 10th anniversary of strategic partnership between the two countries (50-10)."

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Empowering Minds, Igniting Collaboration:
Transforming Education Tech Across Borders

Foster People-to-People and Business-to-Business Relations

Connect Minds and Markets:
Experience a groundbreaking event that serves as a bridge between Singaporean and Vietnamese startups, cultivating invaluable connections and partnerships. By bringing together innovative minds and fostering collaboration, we aim to enhance both personal relationships and business opportunities, nurturing a vibrant ecosystem of edutech pioneers.

Strengthen Singapore Education's Influence in Vietnam

Shaping Education Horizons:
Witness the convergence of two educational powerhouses as we spotlight Singapore's renowned education expertise in the heart of Vietnam. By showcasing cutting-edge education technology startups from Singapore, we aim to instill a lasting awareness of the transformative potential they offer to Vietnamese students and educational institutions.

Enable Singaporean Edutech Startups to Convene and Expand

Empowering Innovation Networks:
Step into a realm of boundless possibilities as Singaporean edutech startups converge to amplify their visibility and impact.
This platform grants them unprecedented access to potential Vietnamese partners, ranging from K-12 schools to universities and vocational institutions.

For Educators, Students, and Parents.
Attend Workshops, Seminars & Tech Demos featuring EduTech Startups from SG & VN.

Join one of the following sessions

New, Fun & Creative Ways of Learning

Schedule of Events


Ho Chi Minh

July 22, 2023

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October 14, 2023

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